We believe in the historic Baptist doctrines and fundamentals of the Christian faith.
    The Trinity of God
    Verbal, Plenary Inspiration of Scripture
      The Preserved Word of God
    Total Depravity of Natural Man
    The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
    Christ's Blood Atonement
    Christís Bodily Resurrection
    Personal and Imminent Return of Christ
    Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
    Eternal Security of the Believer
    The Separation of Church and State
    The Autonomy of the Local Church
    Worldwide Missions
    A Regenerated Church Membership
    Personality of Satan
    Justification by Faith
    The Reality of Heaven and Hell
    The Priesthood of the Believer
    Two Ordinances Only:
      Baptism by Immersion
      The Lordís Supper